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How to De-Stress in Just 10 Minutes

“For all the times you need to cool down fast”

How To De-Stress

Tory Burch’s Top Advice for Women Entrepreneurs: Trust Your Instincts

“It’s a cultural stereotype and harmful double standard that we need to change. Equal rights and equal pay for women should not be a favor, it should be a given. It’s about humanity, it’s about half the population. If we achieve that, it will help the economy and it will support communities. Women are a great investment.”

Tory Burch

How to Survive Being the Only Woman in the Workplace

“Being the only one can be hard in the subtlest ways. Here are a few ways to overcome the daily grind of being a lone soldier.”

Women In Business

Seven Myths About Getting Ahead — What Women Need to Know

“In many cases, a woman’s perspective can change policies for the better. And if your boss fails to even consider your points, you’ll know that the company’s culture is not the right fit for you long term.”

women business owner

The Simple Truth about the Gender Pay Gap

“Did you know that in 2015, women working full time in the United States typically were paid just 80 percent of what men were paid, a gap of 20 percent?”

Gender Pay Gap

Hurricane Sandy Small-Business Disaster Loans

“Businesses ought to have a plan for disasters and inclement weather.”

hurricane sandy

Case Study: How a Merchant Cash Advance Worked in a Pinch

“I needed the money right away, because I didn’t want to be late on any payments. And said, “I can give you the money tomorrow.” Celebrates International Women’s Day

“Women owned small businesses have been traditionally underserved by the retail bank market. Almost 41 percent of women business owners have responded to industry surveys stating they do not have access to the credit services necessary to grow their business. These businesses are important to their communities,”

How Big Data Is Changing Small Business Loan Options

“Small business and commercial lending has seen great disruption due to the incorporation of big data,”

Lending continues to stagnate

“What used to take several weeks now only takes hours,”

Holiday Retail Sales Miss Thanksgiving Weekend Forecast; Offers Holiday Inventory and Working Capital

“ working capital approvals for small business loans rise amid expectations of increased holiday sales.”